Self-Actualization: What Is It and How to Embody Its Traits?

Do you know what self-actualization is? I’ve been a personal development junkie for a while, so when I suddenly learned about self-actualization, I was taken aback. I couldn’t help but wonder, “What is this self-actualization thing, and how have I gone so many years without hearing about it?” when I first came across the term. Perhaps you share the same situation. Maybe you’ve read up on tons of other topics like self-limiting beliefs, gaining more self-awareness, and being more self-confident, but you’ve never heard of self-actualization. According to psychology, self-actualization occurs when you can realize your entire potential. Since most individuals are attempting to fulfill more immediate wants, being completely self-actualized is seen as the exception rather than the rule. Self-actualization is the full growth of one’s capacities and enjoyment of life and the full realization of one’s potential. Here are the 15 characteristics and traits of a self-actualized person.